All content on this site is copyrighted material owned by July 1, 2011 Kim in the Ford-finally Ford Friday!! July 7, 2011 Chris returns to give the Dodge another try-filmed from the side just as if you were standing next her car watching her struggle. July 8, 2011 FFF-Finally Ford Friday!!! Chris in the Ford gets things going for the weekend. July 4, 2011 Marie tries to start up the old Dodge. July 5, 2011 We continue our coverage of Marie in the Dodge. July 6, 2011 Kim is back to work on the comet. This sexy  lady has the right touch for getting our cars started and is a very sexy pedal pumper. July 11, 2011 Kim-have we been ignoring you? Let’s change that-how about a back seat view of her sexy feet and legs cranking away trying to start the Dodge? That should do it! New models on the way-and another great classic cranking car that you will love. July 15, 2011 It didn’t take long for us to realize that we needed a model named Daisy for our site-it just works, don’t ask us why. Daisy cranks the Ford in this special addition of Finally Ford Friday. Want a reason to look forward to Monday? We will be adding another great classic to the site and our members are going to love it-I am not allowed to give anything away yet, but I will give you the initials of our new classic car- ”VW”. Have a nice weekend! July 12, 2011 Kim is back in the mighty Dodge-this time from the open door drivers side-what a great view of this sexy lady trying to start up this classic car. July 13, 2011 Kim has some very sexy legs, and watching them pump the gas pedal is an absolute delight. July 14, 2011 Kim finishes off in the 1957 Dodge Seneca-a fantastic car for cranking, our members tell us this engine is a classic. We will finish off the week tomorrow with a new model, and start off next week with a new classic car, so if you think we are slowing down, no way-full steam ahead! July 18, 2011 Today we welcome our new car-and it is a beauty. A 1973 VW Karmann Ghia, and what better way to introduce this engineering marvel than to get Daisy to try to start it? She puts our new car to the test as the engine fills the air with the sound of VW cranking. July 20, 2011 Oh Marie how could we forget you-last seen struggling to start the Cordoba, let’s get back to this beautiful woman in this classic car....... July 19, 2011 Some days you just get up late and everything goes to pot from there. That was today. Not for us, for our sweet Daisy who is running late for work because she can’t get the Comet to start. She does a very nice job trying-very interesting to see how the same woman cranks 3 different cars. Very interesting-and a great video. July 21, 2011 Marie up close in the Chrysler July 22, 2011 Finally, it’s Ford Fridays, as we get an excellent under the seat view of Kim trying to get this classic Ford pickup truck started. Stay cool this weekend. July 25, 2011 Daisy returns in the Comet to try and get it started-a lot of you wrote in commenting on Daisy and how she cranked the Comet, well here is more good stuff. July 26, 2011 Daisy dukes it out with the Dodge July 27, 2011 Happy Hump Day everyone! Enjoy Marie as she tries to start the Cordoba. Good luck with that. July 28, 2011 Daisy is in the Comet having no luck at all-but she gives is a great effort. July 29, 2011 Finally Ford Friday is back wit Daisy trying to get this classic truck started. Have a great weekend everybody, another NEW MODEL will be here on Monday, with one of the greatest cranking scenes that I have ever seen. You won’t want to miss it, see you Monday! Update Archives Click Here